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Thursday, September 17, 2015


Screw You Facebook!

Yes, this is actually me typing a rather small but long overdue blog about the wheres and whens and whats about the last month or so...

Brief review: In March, Facebook decided to lump me in with admittedly good company and dumped me as being 'fake' along with quite a few other Native Americans. It's not just us though - they've 'spread the net' so to speak and included new groups as well as those they've already harassed: The LGBT community, some authors and television and YouTube personalities, people who's names sound 'suspicious', and anyone who's been 'anonymously' reported. 

Right now it seems their focus is to piss off just about the whole world as their pious no-that's-not-a-name declaration is now including religious groups and people who have last names that couldn't possibly be real, like Avatar. Or Shoy. Or Jemmaroid Von Laalaa. That is not a joke people. A woman from London was using the name on her account when it was whacked. So she did the normal, realistic, logical thing: She changed her real name to the one on her account. Did she get her FB account back? Nope. Has she gotten her REAL name back yet? And how much did it all cost her?

For a while I rebelled and I worked HARD. I put up tons of false accounts (Hey if they violate my rights, I can violate their policy, right?) which took only minutes to set up but hours to check all the accounts and 'maintain' them so they had some sort of activity on them. They were up for months - some for almost a year - until I got a little too smart and put up a video encouraging others to do the same. Sure enough, within 48 hours all but two of the accounts were gone. I had a 'Native American' account (I called it Native Zuckerberg for chuckles) that I attached a page with all the articles I could find:


Now the only reason it's still up is that I saw a YouTube video (there's starting to be a lot of them) of a small media company asking if anyone knew how to retrieve their accounts (sorry dude, they're gone) and thought hmm, if they kick off the Native account... good thing too 'cause I would have lost all of that work. 

But you know what? Zuckerberg's focus is on a 'dislike' button and making people who set up events know when their 'friends' look at the event to see who's ignoring them and hate their guts forever. That's just too exhausting to keep up on, so I've taken a break from all that. Besides, I don't use Facebook anymore (except for the Native page) so why should I keep fighting? It isn't like any of my 'friends' have protested for me. And as you can see above, my overseas audience hasn't suffered much from the split so... screw you Zuckerberg and your pilfered program. Your time is swiftly coming to an end anyway idiot.

So. What's up? Well, I needed a change. A BIG change. And so...

C'mon, admit it - you're not really surprised, right? So with my new, uh, look I've been working hard on building up my YouTube web site. It's been handy during the triple degree heat when my fingers simply refused to do much of anything I told them to. It takes a LOOOOOONG time though. There's me doing the review (usually without a script, I like making up jokes on the fly), then editing it on my software, uploading it to YouTube (a video of approx. 15 minutes long can take two hours to upload), then I edit it AGAIN with their software and finally... splat. They're up. My 'subscription' list is very short, as are my views but hey, I'm up to 1,500 views and that's, well, about 1,400 views more than I thought I'd ever have.

So if you're feeling adventurous (and my fingers continue to rebel), head on over to my channel. I'm currently working on a BooHoo Hulu Review Craptacular Marathon (breaking it into pieces though so it won't be an hour long) so come on over to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzMdloAsYemEgugm9wXQDyA

And, as always, thank you for continuing to read my blog, send comments my way (not you Chris Wylde, you're still grounded young man until you can keep a civil tongue in your head) and hopefully either my hands will work better or I'll hire some kid who can type 120 words a minute with two fingers and is willing to be paid in Red Bull to get my notes on this blog...