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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Flesh For The Beast: Tsukiko's Curse (TV Miniseries 2013)

Well despite the fact that nothing is working for me right now, I'm awake so I might as well let you in on an interesting short series currently running on Netflix. I first heard of this when it was a movie - the preview for it looked good but I could never find it. The preview was also one of many included on my Zombie Ass: Toilet Of The Dead DVD so I really thought it might be interesting.

The basic premise is a parapsychology team of a male skeptic (Patrick Smith) and a female believer (Charlotte Pines) who accept Tsukiko (Maho Honda) into their little group to kind of play a paranormal style of Scooby Doo type mysteries. I've just watched the first one - interesting, not terrific, but interesting.

The first episode involved the little-known practice of post-mortem weddings. That's right folks, some people want to marry dead people. It happens. I shit you not.

Oh and my droogies I apologize for the third person blog entry from yesterday. Apparently I had my dictation equipment on 'smug bitch' mode and, well, you know.

Sorry this is short and sweet but the better I get things together, the better blogs I can put here. Thank you all so much for the continuing rise in readership - that's just way too cool for words.

UPDATE: After watching all seven shows, this promising looking series just sunk into a pit of diarrhea, murder, devil worship, anything anyone would consider offensive. It then left the viewer hanging with unanswered questions, missing characters (Charlotte Pines), and *SPOILER* the main character (Patrick Smith) getting the 'taffy pull' treatment and dying, while Tsukiko (Maho Honda) just skips merrily through a park.