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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


In Which I Announce My Candidacy For President


I had a huge rant ready to go and a button away from publishing for your reading displeasure. However, something made me pause a bit, realizing that the more this latest setback in my health affects me, it also affects my attitude and therefore, unfortunately, my blog. As we mentioned, we discovered (actually Miss Mayhem did, she's a lot smarter at this kind of stuff than I am) that there are all kinds of goodies to make a blog better, especially in an area I've been pondering on how to make it more user friendly: an index of sorts. This one will direct you to references for whatever your looking for - whether it be a movie name, actor/actress, subject matter, or even location. 

And, just because I like you (and I just tried this myself so I know it works) if you use the 'search' at the top of the right column (putting in movie, actor, etc.) it will find all the references in the blog - but the index will be handy to look at something that might pique your interest.

Now please realize that this blog has been going for over two years now, and that's a lot of blah blah blah-ing on my part, so we're starting at the most recent and working backwords. We've also discovered that the earlier entries don't really appreciate these new changes and some look pretty nasty so there's some clean up to do as well. But once we get things going, it will be pretty darn neat.

I had a discussion with Miss Mayhem, and hopefully together we can at least keep this blog up to date. Right now I don't particularly care about Facebook. Let me tell you why. I probably already have, but let's review. Number one, Facebook claims to be the social network that brings people together from all over the world. This is total garbage (Yup, holding on to this for a couple of days definitely got the language from a PG-13 down to PG.).

It's obvious that Facebook can claim whatever the hell it wants, and then change the rules whenever it feels like it. For example, how can the whole world 'come together' when you can only friend, and I'm quoting here, "those with whom you interact every day"? Just recently, a friend of mine was locked out of his account because, and I'm quoting again, he was "making too many friends too fast".

How do you make too many friends too fast? Answer: My friend was attempting to gather people to play games with, since those games do not work very well, unless you have a lot of help from other people. Or a lot of money. Either one. They prefer both. But, he was locked out, nonetheless. So, unless you are a personal friend of Mark Zuckerberg (interesting how my Dragon software did not know THAT name), or a friend of a friend of Mark Zuckerberg, you're out of luck. And that includes developers of games and apps. They find they can be 'deleted' without so much as a heads up - several apps have complained that this happens over and over again and there's no one to speak with to find out why.

I've pretty much become disillusioned with Facebook anyway. Why? Because this great connection with the world is not happening, at least not for me. Most of the time when I print something on my page, not a single person will like or comment on it. However, when that same post is made by another person on my page say, oh, 15 minutes later, it gets a ton of likes and or comments. In other words, on Facebook. I'm pretty much invisible. And, I noticed that I'm losing people. This is happening both on my personal page, and on my horror page. I had put something nasty here but, being more tired than hurt and hurting more than caring, I would shrug if I didn't shriek in pain from doing it.

I know somebody here is listening, because I have you wonderful people, over 77,000 of you as of this date. That. Is. Awesome! So, since I now have help and she's willing and able to provide more reviews about horror movies (probably the less gory ones), I think I will just concentrate on good old Google. I honestly don't know why more people don't. It seems to be the next big step in social evolution. I mean, does anyone even remember MySpace? I had a huge page on that network when it was the main social hotspot. I almost didn't want to close it, but maintaining a MySpace and a Facebook page seemed like way too much work. I kind of regret that now. From what I read, it is used by a lot of people still, and is a hotspot for up and coming musicians, artists, and the like.

Yes, my name is A. Sexy Kitten
And I'm weaning myself off of Facebook. Yes, I know they claim to have, as of October in 2013, 1.19 billion monthly active users. I call bullstuff on that too. You see - and I'm sticking my neck out here - I myself personally have six different accounts. That does not include my horror page. I'm not doing that to be sneaky, I'm not misrepresenting myself like others do (yeah right, like there are people named Iam Wasted, or Beans Black, or Ringu Ringu), I just find it convenient to have those accounts to keep an eye on things I cannot from my original account. I won't go into detail about that one.

Right now, Facebook is getting more and more popular in other countries. However, when checking my statistics for this column, I am always noticing that I have at least 10 countries (and they change in frequency and name) reading this on Google Plus each week. So what do I need Facebook for? Good question. While I do constantly put a link to this blog on my pages in the hopes of seeing more of you here, the rest of it is just freaking depressing. No one to talk to, no one to play games with, and I'm certainly not going to spend a ton of money just to get my games working. In fact, one game (I won't say which) crashed constantly and my friends were ditching it. I wrote to support which of course led nowhere so I asked a tech.

He said that basically these games work on the principle of being able to get to your information - and that includes being able to bombard you with ads from within the game. Now I'm kind of a security nerd - I've got all kinds of firewalls, ad blockers, masking programs, etc. Well, if I want to play this (and probably the others as well) game, I have to be willing to turn them all off - and hope they don't put garbage on my computer. Uh huh. With him watching I did that and started the game. He said that even with those things turned off, the game took waaaay too long to load considering the computer system I'm using. What a surprise.

And once again I noticed that I have been rambling. I do have a good excuse, I have been fighting some weird sort of 'gee you don't look miserable enough so let's throw something else' infection in my arm, which makes it nearly useless for the present. That's why I am very excited and grateful to have Miss Smack... no you dumb dictating program, it's Miss Mayhem (Where the hell did Dragon get Miss Smack? I must be getting tired.) on board to help me. And here we go. And I thank all of you for your patience, for your readership, and for not ignoring me like the so-called social network that is Facebook. (Oh, I'm sorry for the misleading title - I couldn't think of anything else. Just blame it on my fevered brain...)