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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I, Apparently, Exist Only In My Own Mind

It was not a good weekend. My first visit to a decent doctor in... forever, resulted in me getting sicker than I've been in a very long time. May the receptionist who sneezed in my face forever be scratching at invisible bugs she thinks are crawling under her skin!!!

THEN Sunday (March 15. 2015) we had a HELL of a wind storm, not surprising living in the Columbia River Gorge, but knocking out any services required to do, well, anything. We spent the day huddled in our still-warm waterbed, eating cold PB&J sandwiches (which I actually liked, hadn't had one in forever), me sniffling, coughing, and trying to catch up on some of my reading by lantern light. Oh we are well prepared for this kind of thing.

One winter the ice, wind, and downed trees was so bad, we had no power for almost a week. That's when the hubby decided to invest in some gear, mainly a good generator to at least keep the bed (and us and the kitties) warm, and the refrigerator and freezer cold. We've got a good amount of supplies if ever needed, so I'm not terribly worried - and whaddya know, I didn't miss the computer one bit!

But then...

Monday morning. A call to the power company said meh, they'd have us up and running in a few hours. 'Kay. I go back to sleep 'cause by this time the snot monster has completely taken me over and I have more mucus in my blood than, well, blood. When I get up, the electricity is on, all appliances are working, satellite and modem humming away...

So I decide to do a bit of catching up before collapsing back into bed. Nope.

You see dear readers, and I tell you this with a very heavy heart, Shoy Mohr has died. No - wait. SHE NEVER EXISTED. Oh. My. God.

That was a real shock to me (the hubby just laughed) and I tried to find out what happened so that at least Shoy Mohr could get a proper... wait a freaking minute, that's ME!!!

Yup, Facebook terminated my account, saying I wasn't real. Me. Who has had an account with that name for at least five years. Whose last entry was Saturday night (March 14, 2015). After finishing with my round of cursing which sounded kind of funny since my nose was all stuffed up, I tried to find out why suddenly Shoy Mohr is not the mild manner girl who was raised in Oregon and thinks she can make fun of bad movies - she was just a figment of everyone's imagination.

Then I found this article:


Apparently, since Columbus day (October 2014) Facebook has taken upon itself to decide who has a real name and who are fakers. Pffft, most of the game accounts of people I play Farmville with have either 'Farm' or 'Ville' in them so they can't be that hard to spot. But no, they went after NATIVE AMERICANS.

BUM BUM BUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!   The race card!!!! I can play the race card!!!!

That's right faithful readers, I am a card carrying member of the Cherokee Nation. My name (though not terribly native sounding) is as real as the phlegm trying to escape the confines of my head at inconvenient times.

Here's what now happens to me on Facebook: I try to sign in, only to find out that I am no longer a member of the planet Earth. They give you a link to go to if this is 'in error'. Pffft. Hit that link and...

First they want your driver's license, scanned in color and sent as a JPEG. Umm, no. They tell you that if you don't, you're finished - don't ever come back. Well if you read the young lady's story above, you'll see that once you send what they want, they want more. With her it was a piece of mail with her address, things like library cards, social security cards... when they started asking for CREDIT CARDS...

And so on. So.

On this day, Wednesday, March 18, 2015 I, Shoy Mohr (with a birth certificate and tons of other things Facebook will NEVER see to prove it), am playing that race card.

You see, the main targets of this, ahem, CLEANSING were mostly Native Americans, or members of the LBGT community. Now, which of these groups can get more publicity in a shorter amount of time?

You got it. The LBGT community got an official apology. Native Americans did not. Here's the kind of crap they pulled according to the article: "I mean, they wanted One (sic) friend was forced to change his name from (sic) his Cherokee alphabet to English. Another was forced to include her full name, and a few were forced to either smash the two word last names together or omit one of the two words in the last name. Oglala Lakota Lance Brown Eyes was bootd (sic) from facebook (sic) and when he turned in his proof of identification they changed his name to Lance Brown."

I myself, being of big mouth and small brain, of course wrote and sent a letter to the local news stations (Only one wrote back - see? Native Americans aren't as gripping in a news story than, say, the LGBT community.) and I won't print the whole thing but hey, race card was out and on the table and why not?

"...My name is Shoy Mohr and has been for over 30 years. I was born in America and continue to live in America.  I might let this go as a type of 'whoopsie' except for the fact that I personally know of many accounts with false names on them. How many people can there be with the name 'Farm' or ‘Ville’ as their last name? Most of the time they don't even try. I've seen one account where the person just dragged their knuckles across the keyboard as a first and last name and gee whiz, they must be real, right? 

I don't want Facebook having my driver's license - it was not a requirement to set up this account. Besides, after reviewing the article linked below (it's above here), that does not end your problem - they simply start asking for more and more documentation. I am NOT sending them anything - I don't feel comfortable with a social network so flawed that they can’t recognize real from fake, and would just kick a member off without warning or explanation.

Bottom line dear readers? I've lost what I mostly used my account for (since no one was 'socializing' with me anyway) - one or two posts a day about this site, my games, and MY FREAKING SPOTIFY ACCOUNT WHICH HAD HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF MUSIC THAT TOOK MY HUBBY AND I HUNDREDS OF HOURS TO RESEARCH AND FIND THANK YOU VERY MUCH YOU FREAKING IDIOTS WHO THINK YOU CAN JUST DO ANYTHING YOU W