Hello to all those faithfully reading and hopefully enjoying this effort to make even the worst horror movie more watcha... aw, screw that - I'm not that good. If a movie makes you cringe because yet another batch of unlikable teens that are pushing 30 are inching toward their deaths, having a party no one does anywhere ever, a paranormal movie is boring you to tears with unending pans of empty rooms, or thanks to CGI technology when people finally bite it, their blood squirts everywhere except on the victim, the ground, the people next to them... you're in good company and this is the right place for you.

Friday, December 21, 2012

All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe...

Well, so far so good - I mean the house is standing, there's air and the big badda boom I heard earlier was just the garbage trucks picking stuff up. So far. Thanks goes to my cousin for the cartoon, I absolutely adored these (still do) and this one is just too, too perfect.

I was thinking gee, if this is it, there's so much I haven't seen and so much I haven't done. Ah, but no energy spent on regrets, I'm thinking of future movies. I have a few of Mario Bava's collection left - one is a sci-fi movie Planet Of The Vampires which sounds... horrid I know but they said it actually inspired a lot of future movies so maybe... I've also been putting off Hercules In The Haunted World which sounds like sci-fi but is actually Hercules travelling about, including going to Hell for some reason or other. Then there's Knives Of The Avenger which kind of sounds like a middle ages period piece and not too bad. The last is his dive into the spaghetti Western with Roy Colt And Winchester Jack. I... think I'll save that one for last. That's all I've found so far, and even if you don't think you've heard of any of them, you just might have. Each one of these movies has alternate titles, some as many as four...

I thought after my Bavafest was over I'd go into a new category. While trying to find some good horror and getting a whole lot of foreign films which mostly seemed to be about students being doomed by curses or ghosts or whatever (the Eastern culture is really scared of this type of thing), I decided to gather a few American college student get-'em-together-and-kill-them-off movies... whew. I thought I'd find a few but I finally had to stop, there was just waaay too many. So the title of my new anthology, so to speak, will be Parents - Keep Your Kids Out Of College Or They'll Die. Or something like that. Depends if I can think of something better. Or the world ends. Either one.

Oh and my cuddle buddy Max is hanging on, thank you for those who have written me about him. He's obviously not going to have much more time, but he's trying, getting a little food and water and I snuggle the dickens out of him at every opportunity. His world probably won't end today either.