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Friday, August 2, 2013


Why You Might Want To Stay Away From Restaurants In Japan (Photos may be disturbing, please be advised)

I had a bit of fun griping about the phenomenon of 'If it's on Facebook it must be true' attitude of people, something I don't have to deal with since those same people have been banished to a page I can only see if I choose to. And picking out some urban legends from other countries was fun to so I thought I'd move to China since last time I did Japan. Then I saw something and believe me young ones I have researched dozens of news sources (none that I have 100% faith in) to make sure this had some fact in it. Fact or not, this is what was being reported all around the world 8/1/13:

NOT human
In Japan (Coincidence, no?) a man in his 20's considers himself 'asexual' in that he neither identifies with being a man or a woman. Okay, whatever floats your boat. He even went so far, however, as to have an operation to have his genitalia REMOVED. Why and how does he, uh, perform bodily functions? No idea and I don't wanna think about it. Apparently, not satisfied with this rather extreme gesture, he went one HUGE leap farther - he advertised for people to eat his, uh, body parts. For 100,000 yen (I looked that up and it said that's $1,000 but another article said it was $250 so...) the 'applicants' for this meal could choose how they want his, uh, specialty served up.

Human, just not that smart...
Six people applied, five actually showed up - along with nearly 70 others who just wanted to watch. This was in Tokyo, and according to an article by Google itself. The man was supposedly an artist. At this point I said 'AHA!' because a lot of supposedly weird and believed nonsense (gourds shaped as breasts, a mermaid skeleton) turn out to be the work of 'artists' so he's just getting attention, right?

The real deal - these are, uh, you know...
But the many news sources seem to hold this story up and he has said it was in order to raise awareness about sexual minorities. I THINK he got everybody's attention. People apparently were only paying 20,000 yen instead of the 100,000 I first read (which is why it was only $250) and if you wondering if at least this... food was fresh... or disease free...

After the surgery, he froze his healthy man parts and the event was known by the police before it happened but you see, cannibalism (which of course even if voluntary that's what it was) is NOT against the law in Japan. WTH??? So the day of the event came - five people were served the ultimate of weirdness seasoned and braised with mushrooms and a parsley garnish. 

Oh, well if you're going to add MUSHROOMS it must be okay...
Now, at this point you think that like all other weird foods it probably tasted like chicken, right? Actually, those that ate this were reported as saying that it really didn't have much of a taste at all. Will it happen again? Don't be silly young ones, they don't grow back and I doubt this will become a 'thing'. And the police?  "We are aware of the case. There was nothing (criminal) to it. It does not violate any detailed rules. There is nothing to take action about," an officer at Suginami police station told AFP.