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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Did I Mention Facebook Is Not Your Friend?

I've plugged my Facebook page shamelessly and have worked hard at getting those 58 likes darn it! (Update as of 5/8/14 I got clear up to 61 but apparently pissed some people off and now it's 59) I'm proud of that page and won't be giving up on it just yet. I did have a bit of fun with it yesterday which came at a good time. I was bummed when I found out that a guy on my 'friend' list who knows full well I have an FB movie page has decided to start one of his own and wants me to 'like' it. Uh, that would have been fine... if he had supported mine (nope).

But Facebook is not your friend and neither is anyone on your friend list (unless they're relatives or people you actually see and talk to regularly) so this should not be surprising but dammit it always seems to. I'm actually backing off of the Facebook game - with the new profile pages it's a long, tedious process to delete years of stuff, but now there should be little more on there than two or three posts directly from - you guessed it - my FB movie page. That's it.

No more wondering where everybody went, no more feeling bad when I post something funny and it's ignored but somebody snags it, reposts it, and all of a sudden it's the funniest thing in the world and everybody's liking it, no more personal posts about how I feel, no more people trying to 'friend' me for the sake of a game - which I plan to start dumping too. Nice how they let you play for 'free' - unless you really want to 'keep up' with all the stuff they want you to do, then it costs. Pffft.

So yesterday I made a joke that had my movie page exploding with views for no good reason whatsoever. I mentioned that I only post there now - yesterday I posted that I hadn't heard of Charlie Sheen's proposing to his porn star girlfriend, making this marriage number four. I made some dumb joke about how this should have been big news, not the Olympics or people trapped in mines, etc. It was just a little joke.

Now for some reason, when you are the administrator of a page, it tells you how many times a post is viewed. Normally if I get four to eight or nine views a post I'm doing pretty well - this stupid picture and brief snark about a tabloid article took off and while I watched quickly hit the 100 mark and just kept going.... total at the end of the day: 996. Whoa. That's more views than my whole FB page gets in a month.

Soooo, I posted my link to this page with an experiment to see how many views I could get using the mention of ole' Tiger Blood. Total at the end of the day: 1,019, over 800 of those in the first half hour. Okay, this was getting ridiculous. I found a picture of a rock. That's right - a plain river rock. 

This one.
I then made brief mention of Joe Estevez and some of the movies - can they be called movies? Let's see - there's actors in them, they try to tell a story, they're roughly 90 minutes long... Okay, yeah, movies. In the post I said oh yeah, this is Tiger Blood's uncle you know. By then I'd worn people out or they'd figured that I was putting them on. Total views at the end of the day: 193.

My real reader base is here and here I will concentrate on putting up movies you either will want to see or not. Mainly not. Besides, I like you best here, and I don't have to chew my fingernails looking at numbers hoping somebody will 'like' me. I am more than satisfied with the 62,000 views I have here and it climbs every time I look at it.

And that's without ole' Tiger Blood.