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Friday, February 7, 2014


Music Is Not Always About Looks

That is a REALLY dumb sounding statement, isn't it? But hear me out and I promise this will be relatively short. Do you know what your kids are listening to? I mean REALLY listening to? Now before I get on the hate list of every person under the age of 18 I am NOT picking on young people and the types of music or lifestyles they choose. 

Okay, your parents probably weren't giants
dancing in slow motion with Beau Bridges...
Because, and let's be perfectly honest here, every generation almost automatically hate what the generation following them likes. It just seems to be the way of things. Think back parents - did your parents like your music/grooming/lifestyle? Pffft, they most certainly did NOT, don't prevaricate.

I'm guilty of the same thing and I don't even HAVE kids. There are certain styles, music, piercings, etc. that I just shake my head at wondering what the hell... but then I think I'm just getting old. Yes parents, you were just as picked on for what you liked whether you want to admit to it or not. And no, it was NOT less shocking than what your progeny considers to be popular.

You guys are pretty aware of MST3K aren't you? If not, it is Mystery Science Theater 3000. They take old (and crummy) movies and make fun of 'em. And I learned something. Our parents (to a lot of you it's probably your grandparents) looked just as ridiculous doing their 'thing' as they think their children do. I laughed myself sick when they showed one of those 60's beach party movies, where everybody shimmies wearing almost nothing? They showed a scene like this:

And one of 'em said, "That's your mom's butt you know."

Okay enough with this little generation gap message. I just have one more thing: Here are two groups that are currently being listened to by the younger generation. This is a group (sorry, bad picture) called Bedroom Walls:

This group is called Black Veil Brides:

Here are the words to a song each one performs - not necessarily in this movie - and I'm not telling you which band does what song:

In Anticipation Of Your Suicide

Your heart is always almost beating
along with windy frozen tunes.

But you say you've laughed enough,
your closet's stuffed with last year's blues.
But you know by summertime your suicide's just last year's news.

What will we find inside of your room?
Notes in the margins, 
records always spinning.
Clues you know you want all to know
your little soul grew old too soon
and surprises lost their thrill.
Vodka, pills and the marquee moon.

Rebel Love Song (partial)

I cannot hide what's on my mind
I feel it burning deep inside
A passion crime to take what's mine
Let us start living for today

Never gonna' change my mind
We can leave it all behind
Nothin's gonna' stop us
No not this time

So take your hand in mine
It's ours tonight
This is a rebel love song

Hearts will sacrifice
It's do or die
This is a rebel love song

My outlaw eyes have seen their lies
I choke on all they had to say
When worlds collide what's left inside
I hold on tight and hear you pray

Wild and running for one reason
They can't stop us from our freedom

This won't make anybody change their minds about what kind of music, clothes, piercings or tattoos kids should or should not have, but it's something to think about.