Hello to all those faithfully reading and hopefully enjoying this effort to make even the worst horror movie more watcha... aw, screw that - I'm not that good. If a movie makes you cringe because yet another batch of unlikable teens that are pushing 30 are inching toward their deaths, having a party no one does anywhere ever, a paranormal movie is boring you to tears with unending pans of empty rooms, or thanks to CGI technology when people finally bite it, their blood squirts everywhere except on the victim, the ground, the people next to them... you're in good company and this is the right place for you.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014



As I've mentioned several times (I think), although my teat sucking days at Facebook are over, there are still a few things there that keep me from deleting that one last account (although all the content, pictures and most games are gone). One is promoting this blog (pffft, like anybody there reads it), two is having a quick view of local and national news on one page, and finally, I had a page for the horror sites that are on there - some to promote websites, one in particular to promote a channel I wish I had.

That would be FEARnet. They regularly show new and sometimes terrifying content, all in the form of a 10 to 15 minute short movie, as well as have a cable channel. Well, they DID have a cable channel. Apparently Comcast is dropping them from their cable services.

30 Second Bunnies: Cannibal Holocaust
This comes as a deep shock to those who love this channel, and I can see why. Not having it myself, I used to think that Chiller was fantastic to have - finally a channel for us horror watchers. But slowly, in the ways of music television, Chiller has fallen victim to the mass media munchers - those that prefer shows like Paranormal (Fill In The Blank) about (blanks) who see (blanks). Then there are endless Buffy or Believe It Or Not marathons. On Fridays they get all excited about showing "new" movies - which usually are so bad we skipped them to begin with, but with nothing else to watch, saw 'em anyway.

They're affiliated with SyFy and I've already mentioned how their programs are turning into... something... not... good. Which is great news for Netflix and a few other streaming services, as they may have crap, but they have a LOT of crap to choose from, not just one or two you're stuck with on a Friday night.

Film Short 'Knife Point' by Carlo Mirabella-Davis
July 30, 2014 is when FEARnet has announced the end of its channel - something I have heard before. Not from them, but from others on my satellite network who have felt the squeeze of big corporations and announced their 'departure'. One was even gone for a few days. All are still on the air.

Will FEARnet survive this crisis? I honestly hope so. I don't even get this channel but I love their original content, and would probably actually watch more TV if my provider carried them. Sad - but considering the programs other channels are dumping in favor of... whatever the hell they're trying to entertain people with now, I'm not surprised.

Oh, and just a quick mention about yesterday (7/21/14) that was Readers Calling Me A Dumbass day... I got a rather nasty message from one person who apparently worked on a film I gave a big yawn to (and I was NOT the only critic to do so, as the movie in question made back only $77,000 of the $750,000 it took to make, and the IMDb gives it a meh rating) stating I was just a sarcastic pseudo-critic (Just now they're figuring out I'm sarcastic? Wow.) and even stated that I must think that only I make good movies... THAT. WAS. EPIC!!! Somebody out there thinks I'm a film maker! A sarcastic, know-it-all film maker! Instead of making me cringe, this picayune prattle only made me laugh and realize I must be doing a pretty damn good job. Thank you.