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Saturday, June 29, 2013


Women In Cages (1971)

Although this movie was NOT directed by Jack Hill but by Gerardo de León, it is essentially the same movie as Hill's The Big Doll House. Hill's movie was released earlier in 1971 and this came quickly after, with many of the same actors, a similar story, even using the same locale and buildings. Why? 'Cause it was cheap and the boobies sold tickets, that's why. Oh and Roger Corman's name was attached so it was destined to be held up as a classic - eventually.

WIC is definitely a harsher picture than The Big Bird Cage in that women are treated even worse in this one, if that's even possible. And Pam Grier, instead of being a champion of the downtrodden, is a lesbian guard who loves to torture as well as 'sample' the inmates. Umm yeah. I know, 'Are there boobies?' Duh.

So the basic plot as it goes is another woman is set up by her man. In TBDH it's murder, here it's a heroin possession charge. Both movies feature women used for men's (and women's) pleasure and torture, often for the promise of a taste of heroin. 

And there is an escape in both movies with disastrous results in both (What exactly were they trying to tell women - we can't get away from abuse?) with few differences in each movie, except that Sid Haig is not in WIC. Only one woman in WIC makes it out relatively intact, one is doomed forever (short forever since she's an addict) as a prostitute, the rest dead. Yikes. Again.

Sorry, I don't know the body count or who survived TBDH as I couldn't find it anywhere. That was kind of a relief if you want to know the truth.