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Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm Happy To Say There Are Actually People With Screamer Nightmares - But Then I'm Twisted That Way... 

Fortunately I didn't dream these, but someone else did. We'll call her akaAbbey, as these are very personal and she was great to let me print them. And these are real chillers, I know I would have been scared to death by them...

akaAbbey: I have had one that (not being sure if I'm awake or asleep) someone or something was sitting on my chest and I woke up trying to scream but could not move or scream because I was actually still asleep. I woke up again with same thing happening - but still wasn't really awake. When I woke up for real I couldn't move for a few minutes, then sat up sweating... (my mom says it's called Sleep Paralysis). 

When I was a child I would dream the same dream over and over and still have it once in a while... It is me in my gran-gran's house playing with my cousin and a man breaks into the house (his face is blurred out) and I chop him with a butcher knife (the whole dream is in black and white). As I chop him the dream colors turn to black, white and red as his face falls into a glass sitting on the floor (the fluid in the glass turns red).

A recent one is a last month we got J****'s new room done and he was sleeping in our bed so I got pushed out so I went to sleep in his new room, I am sure it was because of the movie we had been watching, but I tossed and turned and barely slept. I dreamed I was filming a movie with someone and I looked at the closet and saw 2 little scary kids looking at us. I yelled and the camera guy said what? Then watching again he saw them and we laid on the bed and he said hold my hand and pray. Then he yelled look! I said NO but I looked anyway and EFF! A little kid was running towards us and was jumping all over me and I woke up standing in the middle of the room screaming.

I don't know about you, but any of these three nightmares would make a much better movie than a lot I've seen lately. Thank you akaAbbey for sharing. Trust me, I am NOT laughing.

Sleep paralysis consists of a period of inability to perform voluntary movements either at sleep onset or upon awakening. It is a natural thing while you're asleep to keep yourself from harm if your dream has you moving and your body wants to follow. But when you're aware - in that moment between sleep and wakefulness - it can be terrifying.

Symptoms include:

  • A complaint of inability to move the trunk or limbs at sleep onset or upon awakening
  • Presence of brief episodes of partial or complete skeletal muscle paralysis
  • Episodes can be associated with hallucinations or dream-like use of the brain

That alone would be enough for me to keep the lights on for weeks. MY version of nightmares is dreaming that I'm back at work at (pick one miserable place) and it's just as horrible as it was when I was awake... guess I'm lucky.