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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Purification 2012

This was a strange one and one I had a little trouble getting together an accurate description of just what this movie is about. It kind of rips off The Dead Zone a bit, but retains a lot of original ideas that makes this movie hard to pin into any one category. So bear with me while I try.

A New York investor named Bret is typical of your I-don't-care-about-people type of real estate person who will foreclose on anyone without regard of situations or their feelings. Especially their feelings. He doesn't seem to have any. But one day things change. Every time he touches someone, he sees all the terrible things they've done and for some reason, alive or dead they can't go any further with their lives, sort of stuck in a Groundhog Day type situation.

One of the reasons Bret was so callous to begin with is that he came from a rotten childhood and overcame all his obstacles and became successful so that he believes that no one has any excuse, no matter what their circumstances, to be just like him. He wants to help his brother become sober and help save their family home from going into foreclosure, but he's stuck on the thought that everyone's situation is the result of their own actions. But after a while, he realizes he is experiencing their pain because he needs to feel the pain of his own shortcomings.

Does this make any sense? Didn't much to me either. Putting this in the 'horror' category is kind of misleading but they probably couldn't figure it out either. Anyway, this is one of those ultimate lesson type movies and Bret has a personal realization that he's a pretty miserable schmuck and he needs to make changes. Fast. Apparently for whatever reason he has one day.

And, finally he figures out that he's a jerk, saves a young girl from being hit by a car, dying in the process. And is redeemed. I guess. I'm really not sure anymore. I'd have to watch this movie a couple more times to try to figure it out but I really don't want to. Oh well.