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Sunday, March 3, 2013


100 Ghost Street: The Return Of Richard Speck aka Paranormal Entity 4: The Awakening (2012)

I guess it's going to be an Asylum double play 'cause this piece of trash also takes some 'actual events' that are no part of the movie, and turns this horrible thing into yet another 'found footage' film that the 'relatives' finally have released to the public, since the movie kindly tells us at the beginning that in 2010 these guys went to investigate this property but their bodies were never found. Oh goody, we know they all die and that we're gonna have big headaches by the time this is done. The DIRECTOR didn't even want a credit. Neither did ANY of the actors. Thank you, Asylum.

Richard Speck, one of the lesser publicized mass murderers, raped, tortured and killed eight women in a nurses dormitory in the 60's. He only had a knife and his murderous intent. He was typical in that his crimes escalated over the years as these things go - burglary, assault, and rape. This was his big night. It is speculated that he probably was just going to commit burglary but... somehow he managed all by his lonesome to keep the women prisoner while he led each out one by one and... yeah. Nasty piece of work. A ninth woman hid until morning and survived.

His story is not told as often as, say, Bundy's or Gacy's probably because it was one brutal act in one night. Speck himself was not a seemingly model citizen either like Bundy or Gacy, nor was he personable to anyone. And he wasn't executed for his crimes either, dying instead in prison of a heart attack at 49.

The idiots in this film that we know are about to die complain that this case isn't even interesting enough to make a film about - they wanted to do Gacy instead. That's a small smirk-worth line since The Asylum already had done a found-footage film (where everybody dies too) about Gacy in 2010. Sheesh.

As with the Whaley film, it didn't take long to fill up my horror movie worksheet (patent pending) because this film follows the exact same patterns of every other damn found footage prepare-for-a-headache kind of film that is done, especially those by Asylum. You have the setup, the ooh, they renamed it 100 Ghost Street (nope, it's still 2319 East 100th Street) and the endless setting up equipment (Can't they just skip that part?) and finally, things start banging, doors open, furniture moves, and we get to see grainy footage combined with the idiots running around saying the totally original phrases like 'Hello, is anyone here?' and 'Did it just get cold in here?'

In other words, shampoo, rinse, repeat. This is a total waste of however minutes it lasted. Nothing new was introduced, the special effects were cheap, the acting abysmal - in other words, it was a typical Asylum movie. In movies like this you find yourself just counting off the bodies 'cause when you get to zero the movie stops.