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Saturday, November 16, 2013


Internet And Piracy... Umm, I Mean Privacy

Recently on my blog 'dashboard' I got a notice that from now on when I posted a blog it would automatically make an entry on my page. All well and good - not. When I post about a new movie I want to be the one to choose what I say about it, not Google just putting up the first few words of my review. Because, as you know, it seldom has anything to do with the movie. 

So lately I've had to publish the review, go back, make my OWN public entry about it, go BACK to the blog and ERASE what Google so nicely did for me without my permission. Just today I noticed they announced they were going to START doing this (What, was I an experiment or something?) and there was a way to keep that from happening if you don't like it. I was curious and checked out my page to see if there were any double double entries entries.

I'd been pretty vigilant about it so only a couple slipped by, but I did notice one thing I hadn't before - again, without my knowledge or permission, Google has been, I don't know, scanning my posts or something and picking random words and 'hashtag-ing' them. Now whippersnappers I don't Twitter. I don't warble either. That's a pun, look it up. If I wanted a 'hashtag' on my stuff, I'd do it and make it something like 'horror' or 'movie' so that, wherever these are picked up in whatever universe, you'd know what it was about. I mean some of my entries have hashtags like 'kitten' for God's sakes - a rude surprise for those expecting something nice and furry. So now every entry of every movie I review will have BOTH the word 'horror' and 'movie' although that will seem incredibly redundant but hey, that's progress.

I've also been bugged (okay, not bugged but informed) that: We've preapproved some custom URLs for your profile, including: google.com /+ShoyMohr. Totally cool, no? Well frankly, no. Now whether you admit to it or not, you HAVE Googled yourself before, haven't you? HAVEN'T YOU? I have, I admit it but not for the awe of seeing my name listed on a page (Shoy Mohr is not a real common name). It's for privacy reasons. I really don't want my name (or address, or picture, or occupation, etc.) blasted across the internet. No I'm not hiding from the Illuminati, the NSA, the Mafia or Scientologists. I do, however, want a degree of privacy despite using a tool that blasts as much info as it can get across the globe.

My reasons are personal and privacy is the biggest reason I never have published a picture of myself (that and I kind of resemble a walrus), or my hubby. Our cats, sure. They don't care and nobody's gonna be able to use those against me. I think. Maybe. Oh man, maybe I better... ah never mind. They'll just have to fend for themselves. I even have an 'images' page although I notice that I mostly share it with Jay Mohr (and any other Mohr they can find). So anyway, my privacy is important and having a URL in my name might sound cool, but I dunno... any thoughts from anybody? I would appreciate any and all feedback about this. I mean, they keep telling me I should let advertisers on my blog too but I don't get to control WHO advertises, right? That could be anything from AXE body spray (which I personally hate) to horror movies (which would be kind of cool).

So to sum up: Hashtag my stuff, meh. Post my movies for me, nope. Put my Google account with my name in the URL... a weak maybe. Advertise on my blog, a weaker maybe. Decisions, decisions.

Movies coming up since I'm bugging you anyway:

An American Ghost Story (2012)
The Beyond (1981)
Parasomnia (2008)
Dark Feed (2013)
Apt. 1303 (2012)
Dead Inside (2011)
Angst aka Penetration Angst (2006)
A Brush With Death (2006)
The Chambermaid aka Lovesick: Sick Love (2007)
Death On Demand (2008)
Demonic (2006)
Hallowed (2006)
Harvest Of Fear (2005)
Haunting Of Rebecca Verlaine (2003)
Red Riding Hood (2004)
Shadows Of The Dead (2004)
The Twisted Sisters (2006)
Uninvited (1993)

I also found another 'list' of possible decent horror movies but I'm picking and choosing this time. AND I still have all the movie collections I got to sort through which should take all winter. Cool!